Vaat174mp - RANDOMATIK BLAST - " V-A / PIMP MY BLAST ! " - 28 free MP3 tracks - Mars 2oo11

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01_-_"Randomatik Blast" by MITHRA_-_(1'51")
02_-_"Romantik Escape" by LES SECRETIONS ROMANTIQUES_-_(2'33")
03_-_"Randomatik Handjobs" by WEYHEYHEY_-_(1'51")
04_-_"Breakcore Christmas" by JANKENPOPP_-_(4'23")
05_-_"Change At The Core" by VF WING_-_(0'44")
06_-_"Randomatik Step" by SINEAD O' CONNICK JR_-_(5'22")
07_-_"Hate Waltz" by LES SECRETIONS ROMANTIQUES_-_(3'49")

08_-_"Sex'o Licks" by SIGH_-_(4'23")
09_-_"Randomatik Morphism" by ANTROPOMORPHISM_-_(3'52")
10_-_"Matikrandom Mondayblue" by YOGI RUMBLIST_-_(5'45")
11_-_"Teeny Shiny" by FURY PROJECT aka RIKKANE_-_(4'01")
12_-_"Saw" by PATTERN J_-_(4'12")
13_-_"Suspect Step Shoes" by FRIDA KORE_-_(3'13")
14_-_"Charly Tango Alpha" by SPACE PEDRO_-_(2'23")

15_-_"Drunk" by SQUELLER_-_(4'13")
16_-_"Scratching Massive Guignols" by STAZMA_-_(4'27")
17_-_"Church Of Noise" by AVIS UPCHURCH_-_(2'59")
18_-_"Hate Kilometers" by BRAINFUCK3R_-_(4'12")
19_-_"Dirty Random" by KRUSTY_-_(2'26")
20_-_"Random Blast" by DG - ROM_-_(3'37")
21_-_"No Fear" by X - R8ED LIVE_-_(4'01")

22_-_"Alice In Wonderland" by NINA KARDEC_-_(5'52")
23_-_"This Is For My Princess" by D;AQ - SED_-_(4'52")
24_-_"Here Comes The Pain" by HEADSHOT_-_(4'47")
25_-_"Burning Slipknot" by BE - C_-_(3'07")
26_-_"Randomblatikmask" by SOLRACK_-_(4'17")
27_-_"Randomatik Splaart" by KRUSTY _-_(3'07")
28_-_"You Better Call Me Back" by X - R8ED LIVE_-_(4'17")

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This is Vaat174mp ((( and also ill047 from Illphabetik )))
This Comp is a Randomatik Celebra(in)ction / // /
Big Up to Every Pilgrim Involved ! !! !









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