Vaat087mp - DJ PETER PERPLEXE - " The Second Coming - mixtape " - 1 freestyle miixtape - SepTmbR 2°012

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(0:00:03) "Going Out Of My Head" by CHEVRON
(0:00:07) "Dark Diamond Mine" by MOST TOTAL
(0:01:01) "Musik Fur Alle" by BLACK TO COMM
(0:01:55) "Princessinth" by PRINZENALLEE
(0:03:28) "Shadows Of Tomorrow (feat. Quasimoto)" by MADVILLAIN
(0:06:06) "California Rhinoplasty" by MATMOS
(0:09:11) "Scissor [Pink Dollaz and Lance Whitaker]" by LIARS
(0:11:48) "Douche beat" by MR OIZO
(0:12:23) "Captain Midnight" by TOMAHAWK
(0:15:31) "Hard Tits" by JACKSON & HIS COMPUTER BAND
(0:17:51) "Flower Dress" by RIMAR
(0:20:16) "A Buddha Made Of Mud" by WEVIE STONDeR
(0:24:36) "Genaside Vs. Prodigy Bootleg" by KAMIKAZE DEADBOY
(0:27:49) "Alobha" by MOCHIPET
(0:30:13) "Memento Mori" by MATMOS
(0:33:36) "Premier" by MELLOWHYPE
(0:35:01) "Beginners" By RIMAR
(0:37:07) "Fourth" by ADLIB
(0:37:28) "The Wooden Horse Of Troy" by WEVIE STONDeR
(0:43:20) "Zbwz" by QEBRUS
(0:45:47) "Teen Beat Ocean" by JACKSON & HIS COMPUTER BAND
(0:49:43) "Window (Danimals Remix)"
(0:51:53) "Roared Hawk" by BLEUBIRD
(0:54:39) "The Fire Within" by SPECTRE
(0:54:40) "Resource" by RICHARD DEVINE
(0:57:50) "Teleprompter" by RESTIFORM BODIES
(0:57:55) "My Bloody Valentine" by DJ WALLY
(1:03:02) "Oh Dear" by JEL
(1:03:10) "Align" by RICHARD DEVINE
(1:06:46) "Beautiful Day" by DOORMOUSE


A/R/T/ W/O/R/K/ B/Y/ S/C/O/T/T/ L/I/S/T/F/I/E/L/D/
A/ M/I/X/T/A/P/E/ B/Y/ D/J/ P/E/T/E/R/ P/E/R/P/L/E/X/E/









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