Vaat023mp - TRIPLANETARY - " I Dreamed You Were The Sky And I Was Inside You " - 15 free MP3 tracks - February 2oo7



01. - tHe End (5'26)
02 - hIStoRy (5'00)
03 - h-Man B-box (2'00)

04 - seXXx (2'33)
05 - juST to SCare Them (1'28)
06 - i soLD My telEVisIOn to mYSelf (3'33)

07 - aPOTheoSis (3'24)
08 - the hyPNotist (4'27)
09 - the daRK beATing heArt of aMErica

10 - wANDerAh (2'11)
11 - suBsPAce (2'24)
12 - ah-oh-WA-ha (1'27)

13 - bUBBles (2'39)
14 - entEr tHe nAVel (7'25)
15 - cODa (10'00)


Front Cover Art by Dorothée Sorbier





Some of the recordings incorporate live and studio work by violinist Andy Mcfarlane (H-man B-Box, Subspace, Bubbles, Coda),

tape loop and drum machine expert Dan Hayhurst (Enter the Navel),

guitarist Zali Krishna (Subspace),

electronic artist James Green (pad synths - H-man B-Box),

tabla player Sandeep 'Sunny' Singh (Sexxx and History),

Anita Asthana (Sexxx) and Flautist and thereminist Rachel Hamilton (Arise, Subspace and Enter the Navel).

The Hypnotist includes samples of backwards robot singing, ( and a real hypnotist (Randy Thomas).

Apotheosis includes samples generated in Csound by Noah Constant.

Sexxx includes a freeware guitar sample from by Glenn Donnelly.



If you are into making weird sounds, and would like to collaborate on future projects,

or would just like to say hello, feel free to contact me, I'm pretty open to strange, beautiful people and new experiences.



You can redistribute these mp3s freely, bittorrent them, write them to cds, play them on your radio shows, websites, podcasts etc.

and copy them as many times as you like, but please do not change the tags on the mp3s.



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